GG4L Bundles SchoolTube with School Passport

SchoolTube’s Free Video Sharing Portal is now Securely Provisioned and
Safely Accessible through the School Passport AppStore

Alameda, CA – May 25, 2021 – Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) announces the immediate availability of SchoolTube for teachers and students through the School Passport AppStore, at no cost to GG4L member schools globally. 

Free to educators and schools, SchoolTube is a safe COPPA and ADA compliant video hosting, creation and sharing platform, specifically deployed to support K12 classrooms as well as distance learning environments. Schools using SchoolTube have access to unlimited user accounts, with video uploads and personalized video channels.

GG4L’s member schools will not need to manually create accounts to use SchoolTube anymore. Schools and districts can now securely deploy SchoolTube to all of their teachers and students with a single click of a button. School Passport’s automated provisioning enables teachers and students to securely log in, with their School Passport credentials, directly to their school’s channel within SchoolTube. With improved student data privacy and online safety in mind, SchoolTube leverages School Passport’s PII-Shield to ensure that schools are able to maintain strict data privacy compliance.

“SchoolTube offers safe and secure video authoring and publishing portals for schools,” commented Robert Iskander, GG4L CEO and Founder. “This aligns with our strategic goal to promote and empower safe digital learning environments.”

More and more teachers are pairing their lessons with video, so that students can refer back to the material at their own pace.said Carl Arizpe, Founder of SchoolTube. “Video use during Covid-19 closings expanded this trend and we don’t see it stopping. Our new integration with SchoolPassport and GG4L will make it easier for teachers to create, host and share their video lessons.”

SchoolTube is available now for GG4L member schools. To integrate your school and obtain a free license, reach out to today.


About Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation

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About SchoolTube 

SchoolTube, founded in 2007, is a K12-focused video creation, hosting and sharing platform. SchoolTube’s moderation and content controls allow K12 network administrators to whitelist SchoolTube for on-school network use.  SchoolTube also is also a source for professionally-created teaching videos. SchoolTube is offered free to teachers, supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors. Ad-free, subscription-based plans are also available.

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