GG4L Partners with CompuScholar to Supporting Digital Literacy

Alameda, CA, September 30, 2020 – Today, Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation, announced a partnership with CompuScholar, Inc.  CompuScholar’s online computer science and digital literacy curriculum teaches middle and high school students how to code, create websites, design video games and other fundamental computing skills.  As a GG4L partner, CompuScholar supports automatic rostering and Single-Sign-On (SSO) for GG4L member schools and districts.

CompuScholar’s online courses begin with Digital Savvy, a computer skills curriculum that teaches students important computing concepts and use of software commonly required for success in education and daily life. In other courses, students will enjoy the opportunity to learn to code in several industry languages, create websites, design video games and develop other Information Technology skills.

GG4L’s “Future-Proof Skills” initiative to support STEM education is a natural fit for CompuScholar’s curriculum. By bringing together publishers, educational foundations and sponsors, we can help equip students to pursue high-paying jobs in careers that have a great demand for technical skills. CompuScholar’s features are listed in the GG4L Catalyst Catalog.

“Coding is an essential Future-Proof Skill set. We plan to catalyze the adoption and implementation of essential tools like Compuscholar by matching schools with corporate sponsors who are keen to invest in their future workforce,” said Robert Iskander, CEO of GG4L.

“We are thrilled to join the GG4L family. Not only will CompuScholar be leveraging their auto-rostering and SSO capability for smooth deployments, but the GG4L ‘Future-Proof Skills’ program aligns with CompuScholar’s mission to bring critical information technology skills to today’s students,” said Chris Yust, CompuScholar’s President.

About Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation

GG4L is membership-based collaborative that is free of charge to all education institutions and government agencies and available for a modest annual membership fee to any EdTech organization. GG4L leverages its platform to create purpose-built integrated ecosystems of EdTech solutions, aimed at specific impact initiatives, that could be easily implemented, validated and sustained financially for schools around the world, as they together drive school improvement. To date, over 850 organizations, serving over 15,000 schools globally, have joined as GG4L Members and agreed to GG4L’s membership pledge to advocate for open data interoperability standards, secure data exchange and strict student data privacy compliance. For more information, refer to


About CompuScholar, Inc., a For-Profit Corporation

CompuScholar, Inc. publishes online Computer Science and Digital Literacy courses for middle and high school students.  Founded by software engineers, the leadership team understands there is a significant lack of qualified computer science graduates to fill the available software jobs. The company is passionate about encouraging the next generation of software engineers through high-quality curricular opportunities. CompuScholar courses are delivered through a full Learning Management System and include comprehensive teacher support and professional development. CompuScholar courses have been approved in numerous state-level instructional materials reviews. For more information, please visit

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