GG4L Launches a Monthly Newsletter

GG4L Launches a Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to our first monthly GG4L newsletter.

We are pleased to share the latest news and success stories across our rapidly-growing membership base. As of the end of September 2019, our first anniversary since merging with EduTone, we are now in approximately 500 US school districts serving approximately 9,000 schools, and have attracted in excess of 75 EdTech company members to our platform. This is a validation of the value that both our Platform and impact initiatives deliver to the members of our Public Benefit Collaborative (PBC).

Most of our GG4L EdTech members have been aligned with the Safer Schools Framework and are participating in our $25-million grant for Safer Schools in America, which is now transitioning to an on-demand grant program open for all member schools to apply with a guarantee of a same-day approval. Once a school district joins as a GG4L Member, free of cost, any of its schools become eligible for a one-year, in-kind grant for any of the solutions listed in our Catalyst Catalog that participate in our On-Demand Grant Program.

We are also very proud of our Future-Proof Skills Program that is currently in the process of identifying and signing up 25 high schools that will be recognized as Centers of Excellence (CoE) across the United States. Each of these CoE’s will be our launchpad in various geographic regions to engage with local employers, higher education institutions, government agencies, and many other stakeholders to focus on showcasing several implementation models and deliver new certificated courses and programs that are aligned with a specific set of Technology, Business, and Personal Skills development and mastery. There is also a focus on Academic STEAM Skills courses that are included in the Catalyst Catalog. This program is expected to grow from 25 CoE’s to approximately 500 secondary schools by the end of 2020. We have several corporate sponsors and global technology partners in the pipeline that we plan to  announce in the coming months.

I am very proud of our experienced, hard-working GG4L team that is focused on our rapid growth and our mission to positively impact education at scale, through the frictionless adoption of our GG4L Platform to enable our member schools to deploy, validate, and sustain innovative EdTech solutions.


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