GG4L February Newsletter

GG4L February Newsletter

The headlines are full of Cybercrime stories from outside interference in our elections to ransomware attacks on banks, hospitals and even our schools.  Today, “perimeter defense” is not enough to protect us from these attacks. We need to evolve from a defensive position to a proactive approach to protecting our networks and data. In fact, in the cloud, the perimeter is largely gone. There is no firewall. There is no clearly defined perimeter to defend.

Today, cloud applications and services are interwoven in an ever-increasing number of point-to-point connections.  As cloud adoption accelerates, data in the cloud becomes harder to manage and, as a result, becomes unmonitored, ungoverned, unaccountable and vulnerable. Student and staff data is at risk and the price we all end up paying is quite high. Our children’s privacy and safety is the bigger risk and not just negative financial impact.

Ensuring our schools have adequate means for data governance is becoming an important requirement and is something we hear loud and clear from our schools on a daily basis. At GG4L we are proud to be focused on delivering a solution that will improve the overall security and governance of school data. GG4L Connect has new features coming out this Spring that will delight our school members. Remember, GG4L membership is free to schools worldwide!

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