GG4L Awards EdTech Grants to 72 US Schools Across 16 States

Safer Schools in America, a 3-year national research effort studying the impact of EdTech innovation on school safety, will launch in the new school year

May 15, 2019 | Bay Area, California – Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) is pleased to announce that 72 schools from 36 school districts, geographically distributed across 16 States, who were selected for grants during phase one of the ‘Safer Schools in America Impact Grant’ initiative, will start the new school year with edtech tools in place to help them protect their students by creating a secure grid in and around schools’ academic, social, and physical environments.

In November 2018, in partnership with McRel International, GG4L announced the Safer Schools in America Impact Grant.  The grant program provides support to selected schools for the implementation and usage of select EdTech products from leading education providers who are focused on school safety solutions for K-12. These solutions will be implemented and studied for a period of 3 years – at no cost to the school grant recipients.

“How we provide a safer environment for teaching and learning is always top of mind for educators,” said Dr. Sandra Elliott, GG4L Chief Academic Officer. “We are grateful for their commitment in helping us measure the impact of 40+ new and innovative edtech solutions.”

In line with ESSA requirements, the Safer Schools in America impact initiative will use independent measures of efficacy under an institutional quality research framework to establish best practices that can be shared nationally. The data will be aggregated, anonymized and analyzed by McREL and GG4L and provided in quarterly and annual reports to all stakeholders.

Additional edtech grants will be awarded to more than 200 school districts during Phase II and III. The application deadline for Phase II has been extended to May 31 to allow for last minute requests. U.S. schools and districts are encouraged to apply soon .

The application takes less than 10 minutes to complete and can be found at:

For more information about the Safer Schools in America Grant Initiative and a list of participating edtech vendors, please visit:

Global Grid for Learning is continuing to make edtech easier to deploy, more effective for teachers and students, and more affordable for districts and vendors. Our next initiative, Future-Proofing Our Schools, available to member schools worldwide, will be announced later in 2019.

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