GG4L Announces Strategic Partnership with Maptelligent, Inc.

Alameda, California, Nov. 3, 2020 – Today, Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a public benefit corporation, announces a strategic partnership with Maptelligent, Inc. (OTCPK: MAPT) SchoolMapt, a school safety platform, by Maptelligent provides interactive and dynamic digital floorplans to ensure school administrators can provide a healthy and safe environment for students by delivering high-level, site-specific information for crisis management.


“One of GG4L’s strategic impact initiatives is Safer Schools, with school physical safety being one of the basic components of our framework,” commented Robert Iskander, CEO and Founder of GG4L. “SchoolMapt by Maptelligent is an innovative solution for educational institutions that leverages the latest digital mapping solutions to assist schools in improving overall school safety and emergency preparedness.”


School safety is one of GG4L’s primary initiatives. In addition to specific solutions like SchoolMapt by Maptelligent, GG4L provides a technology platform that provides a secure, industry-standard connection for the 15,000 educational institution members to safely access software in academia, administration, and safety.


“Our partnership with GG4L demonstrates Maptelligent’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen and partner in providing school safety solutions worldwide,” Albert Koenigsberg – President and CEO of Maptelligent, Inc. “Maptelligent, Inc. shares similar values as the education community in keeping students safe, and we are proud to partner with a company like GG4L. We look forward to collaborating with GG4L to ensure educational institutions are aware of solutions in school safety through various engagements such as webinars and social media.”


GG4L’s “Safer Schools in America” initiative is a natural fit for Maptelligent’s digital mapping technology. You can learn more about SchoolMapt by Maptelligent in the GG4L Catalyst Catalog.


About Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation

GG4L is membership-based collaborative that is free of charge to all education institutions and government agencies and available for a modest annual membership fee to any EdTech organization. GG4L leverages its platform to create purpose-built integrated ecosystems of EdTech solutions, aimed at specific impact initiatives, that could be easily implemented, validated and sustained financially for schools around the world, as they together drive school improvement. To date, over 850 organizations, serving over 15,000 schools globally, have joined as GG4L Members and agreed to GG4L’s membership pledge to advocate for open data interoperability standards, secure data exchange and strict student data privacy compliance. For more information, refer to

About Maptelligent, Inc.

SchoolMapt by Maptelligent brings the power of SiteMapt to K-12 schools. Data collection and sharing when children are involved requires extra caution, so Maptelligent has built a robust data management platform with easy controls to turn access off to outside users and agencies, or even restrict access to internal users. SchoolMapt helps schools keep up with state information and security laws by allowing school administrators to maintain accurate floor plans—both in digital and print form as well as keep evacuation plans up to date and easily disseminate them. For more information, refer to


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