GG4L Announces Strategic Partnership with Codementum

Alameda, California, January 26, 2021 – Today, Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a public benefit corporation, announces a strategic partnership with Codementum.


Codementum is a fun and educational game environment where students learn to code in a real programming language, no previous experience needed. With a Synchronized Text-based and Block-based coding system, children can switch between text and code blocks at any time. Children can develop creative and fun Mobile Games/Apps for IOS and Android platforms, with the help of an online trainer in both Python and JavaScript programming languages.


“Future-Proof Skills is one of GG4L’s impact initiatives, and Codementum, designed for students age 8 to 16, is a powerful tool for enabling students to develop necessary skills while they are in school,” commented Robert Iskander, CEO and Chairman of GG4L. “Codementum enables teachers to guide students through a comprehensive STEM-based curriculum.”


Future-Proof Skills is a Global Grid for Learning strategic impact initiative centered on career readiness. The initiative promotes learning environments for students in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and business education. Solutions like Codementum are delivered through GG4L’s platform that provides a secure, industry-standard connection for schools to safely access edtech software applications.


“We are thrilled to join the GG4L family. The purpose of Codementum is not only to teach coding, but to enable students to develop mobile games and applications with the coding knowledge they have learned. Codementum prepares students for the future within the scope of constantly changing technologies. Far beyond coding education, we teach our students AI & ML to prepare them for the future. Also, the GG4L ‘Future-Proof Skills’ program aligns with Codementum’s mission to bring critical information technology skills to today’s students.” said Teoman I. Karakaya, CEO of Codementum.


GG4L’s “Future-Proof Skills” initiative is a natural fit for Codementum. You can learn more about Codmentum in the GG4L Catalyst Catalog.


About Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation

GG4L is membership-based collaborative that is free of charge to education institutions and available for a modest annual membership fee to any edtech organization. GG4L leverages its platform to create purpose-built integrated ecosystems of edtech solutions, aimed at specific impact initiatives, which could be easily implemented, validated and sustained financially for schools, as they together drive school improvement. To date, hundreds of edtech organizations, serving hundreds of thousands of schools globally, have joined as GG4L Members and agreed to GG4L’s membership pledge to advocate for open data interoperability standards, secure data exchange and strict student data privacy compliance. For more information, refer to

About Codementum

Codementum provides online theoretical and practical courses for Computer Science and Digital Literacy education of primary, middle and high school students. Founded by CS Teachers with 10+ years of experience in their field, Codementum offers complete and successful content. The company is passionate about building computational thinking skills in students and willing to train new generation software engineers with the high quality curriculum it has prepared thanks to its university collaborations. In addition to extensive coding training, students learn to develop Mobile Games / Apps and AI&ML applications. Codementum training has been examined and approved by universities that are experts in their field. Codementum provides comprehensive teacher support and live support to its users with a professional training process. All of the theoretical aspects that may be needed for the Computer Science course are on a single platform with Codementum. For more information, please visit For more information, please visit

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