GG4L Announces Strategic Partnership with Gooru

Gooru’s Navigator Provides a GPS for K-12 Learners Across all Core Academic Subjects

Alameda, CA, August 28, 2020 – Today, Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation, announced a partnership with Gooru, a Non-Profit Corporation. Gooru’s Navigator provides real-time information to stakeholders in order to accelerate academic outcomes for learners. With personalized learning journeys and curated suggestions, students can study independently, and stakeholders can monitor their struggles and successes in real-time. Math Navigator, the initial module available at no cost to students, is a supplemental math experience with an array of resources, activities, and formative assessments that can be implemented with any existing curriculum by districts and schools globally.

Navigator locates each learner, maps a personalized route for mastery, and gives reroute suggestions based on performance until each learner reaches their destination. Navigator is inclusive and flexible by design; it provides a full spectrum of learning activities and resources to meet the needs of each learner at every competency. Instructors are integral in the learning process and can implement Navigator based on the best practices and norms of their learning environments and the needs of their learners. Navigator empowers learners by giving them agency in their own journeys, allowing them to track their strengths and struggles while supporting individual growth towards mastery.

Gooru provides a growing library of free and open-source materials and, through the use of this platform, teachers and students can create collections based on their own research and education that can be made searchable and sharable with other classrooms throughout the world.

“Gooru’s mission to enable equal educational access and opportunity is one that is very important to me personally and to GG4L,” said Robert Iskander, GG4L’s founder and CEO. “Gooru enables students to be continuously and remotely assessed and redirected through AI-based prescriptive techniques in real-time across core academic subjects,” continued Iskander.

“GG4L has increased our ability to reach millions of K-12 learners. GG4L Connect provides an easy mechanism for all school districts to roster their users and start using Navigator with one click provisioning and Single Sign-On,” said Dr. Prasad Ram, Gooru’s Founder & CEO.

Gooru’s Navigator is listed in the GG4L Catalyst Catalog.  For more information, please visit the Catalyst Catalog featuring the Gooru.


About Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation

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About Gooru, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

Gooru, along with transdisciplinary researchers in major universities, lab schools, and corporate practitioners, has created an open and free tool called Navigator – a “GPS for Learning.” Navigator understands the complete learner – their knowledge, skills, and mindset – in relation to a learning environment. Structured as a progression of competencies, Navigator recommends a personalized pathway of learning activities and modifies learners’ routes based on performance, to ensure they reach their learning destination. More than 7 million learners across K-12, higher education, and skills and professional learning sectors worldwide use the Navigator. Gooru is committed to honoring the human right to education. For more information, refer to

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