GG4L Announces Partnership with Coding Platform Robotify

GG4L partners with Robotify to deliver robust STEM education to GG4L member schools


Alameda, CA, September 22, 2020 – Today, Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation, announced a partnership with Robotify, a coding and virtual robotics education platform founded by Adam Dalton and Evan Darcy while they were still in high school.

Robotify’s goal is to help the next generation learn how to control robots and how to code. Using Robotify, students gain access to state-of-the-art robots and environments that have never been accessible before through their browsers, without having to purchase hardware. Robotify is provisioned securely through GG4L Connect.

“Our software allows users to control an ultra-realistic virtual robot simulator,” explains founder Adam Dalton. “This means we can provide students with the experience of learning to code through the use of robotics – without the cost and laborious setup associated with using physical robotics.”

Robotify’s online platform introduces students as young as eight years old to coding through web-based, 3D robot simulations. Created in response to an increasing need for computer science professionals, Robotify helps students develop real-world skills that will foster their abilities to have careers in STEM.

“The software package integrates seamlessly into any educational classroom environment and allows for educators with very little or no prior computer science background to teach code and robotics in their classroom on any device,” says Dalton. “We are driven to make code learning through robotics accessible to everyone and to change the way people learn how to code forever. We are very excited to partner with GG4L to achieve our mission”

Robotify is available in the GG4L Catalyst Catalog.  For more information, please visit Robotify on the GG4L website.

“Robotify has tapped into a real need in education,” said Robert Iskander, GG4L’s founder and CEO. “Jobs of the future will be high-tech, and learning how to code is essential. This solution fully aligns with GG4L’s “Future-Proof Skills” strategic impact initiative,” continued Iskander.

About Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation

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About Robotify

Robotify is an Irish virtual robotics edtech company that has built a deeply technical robotics simulation platform called Robotiphy Severus, which supports its two main products, RobotifyEDU and Simbotify.

The company is a young and exciting start-up backed by some of the best angel investors in Ireland. As a start-up, the Robotify founderstake pride on the dynamism of the team and the constantly changing nature and evolution of the company. The company mission is to make robotics accessible by everyone and to forever change the way people learn and access robotics. For more information, refer to

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