GG4L Announces $9M in Phase I Grants

GG4L Announces $9M in Phase 1 Grants

54 School Districts Awarded $9M in Phase I of GG4L’s Safer Schools in America Impact Grant Program

February 14, 2019 | Bay Area, California  Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) is pleased to announce an estimated $9 million in EdTech grants have been awarded to 85 schools from 54 US school districts across 15 states in Phase I of the Safer Schools in America Impact Grant Program.

Additional grants will be awarded to 400+ US schools across more than 200 school districts in Phase II, which is open for applications until April 30th. Safer Schools in America is jointly operated by GG4L and McREL, a Tier 1 educational research institute, and will run through 2022.  

The Safer Schools in America Impact Grant Program will support the implementation and usage of select EdTech products from leading education providers who are focused on school safety solutions for K-12. These solutions will be implemented and studied for a period of 3 years at no cost to the school grant recipients. The grants will also address an industry wide need to capture data-driven validation research around a significant range of activities believed to foster safer teaching and learning environments. These include emotional, physical and digital safety as well as emergency preparedness, school facilities, culture, and community engagement.

“Montgomery Public Schools has become involved with the Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) on multiple initiatives that are aimed toward school improvement,” commented Dr. Ann R. Moore, Superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools, Alabama. “We are so grateful that GG4L has brought together solution providers and the funding to accomplish these important goals. School safety is our number one priority. Every parent must know his or her child is safe. Our children flourish in learning environments that are not only welcoming but secure. The teaming of GG4L and our staff should be a comfort to our employees and our parents. To my knowledge, this partnership is a first of its kind to fill this critical need in America’s public education system.”

“We want to thank all of the school districts who submitted their applications,” said Dr. Sandra Elliott, GG4L Chief Academic Officer. “We were truly impressed with the quality and quantity of these applications that validate the need for a comprehensive data-driven framework for school safety, along with an integrated suite of validated, innovative EdTech solutions. So far, we have over 25 EdTech vendors partnering with us in this program, with more expected to join us over the next 90 days. We are proud to have Amazon AWS, LightSpeed Systems, and Instructure as our initial Sponsors. We are looking forward to welcoming Fortune 500 companies participate as Corporate Sponsors.”  

For a full list of participating EdTech Members, Corporate Sponsors and the Phase II Grant Application, please refer to:

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About McREL International – A nonprofit research and development organization that since 1966 has turned knowledge about what works in education into practical, effective guidance and training for teachers and education leaders across the U.S. and around the world. McREL provides schools, districts, and other education organizations with high-quality research and evaluation, professional development and coaching, strategic planning, and assistance with improvement and innovation projects.


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