Future Proof Your IT Infrastructure at No Cost to Your District

Future Proof Your IT Infrastructure at No Cost to Your District

GG4L helps schools future proof IT infrastructure. We are a global, membership-based collaborative catalyzing school improvement through the deployment of purpose-built, evidence-based EdTech ecosystems.  But what does that really mean for schools? For districts? For EdTech vendors?

Infrastructure Challenge: Deployment

How do schools get EdTech products to work together? In the old days, schools used to get shrink wrapped CD ROMs that they loaded onto their own systems. But now, it’s all in the cloud and schools must trust third-party SaaS products – and trust that the data they share with and through these third parties is safe and compliant. Migrating and moving data from your SIS system to each vendor in the cloud is costly in terms of time, labor, and overhead. It adds an average of 20 cents on the dollar for each student.

Infrastructure Challenge: Validation

How do schools know students, teachers, and administrators are using the products? How do you know if it’s having an impact?

Infrastructure Challenge: Sustainability

How do schools pay for products when they have shrinking budgets? How do you sustain the EdTech solutions that work? School budgets get smaller. Schools lack sufficient funding to deploy innovated EdTech solutions that really impact social, academic, and economic outcomes. What makes it more difficult for school administrators is that there are over 5,000 EdTech solutions out there and a hundred new EdTech startups every day. How do schools know where to invest in EdTech and be sure they’ll get something out of the investment that has an impact?

Future-Proof Your Infrastructure with GG4L

GG4L’s goal is to Impact digital education at scale by enabling schools to deploy, validate, and sustain innovative and impactful EdTech solutions. The GG4L Impact Platform was created to handle all of these infrastructure problems.

Connect is a data interoperability platform. It’s an integration platform in the cloud.

Compass is data validation engine.

Catalyst is our sustainability solution – try out any solution.

GG4L is different than any other school solution out there. We are a platform-as-a-Service, purpose-built for K-20 education to help schools that lack the funding to deploy innovative EdTech solutions that measurably impact social, academic, and economic outcomes. GG4L membership for schools and districts is free. And because EdTechs pay a nominal fee – less than the typical cost per student they pay with other services – they are able to charge less for their solutions. But GG4L will also help schools by providing funding secured through corporate sponsors.

“We are in a new world. We need to solve the problems. Schools need to be healthy and safe. Now we need to make school improvement a reality.” – Robert Iskander

GG4L is a different kind of company – a public benefit corporation with commitment to revolutionizing education and making sure that what we do and how we do it has a measurable impact – on students, teachers, schools, districts, the community and the economy.

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