Data Security: Why It Matters for Students

Data Security: Why It Matters for Students

Students begin sharing data with schools before they are even conscious of the fact. Parents fill out forms to enroll students in school from the minute they begin preschool.

Unfortunately, students are often the last to know what information has been shared and the first to be impacted by any kind of breach or cyberattack. In a survey by Educause, it was revealed that more than 50% of students lack understanding of how their school uses their personal data or what precautions the school takes to protect student data.

Protecting Students

Parents can take a larger role in protecting student data while their children are young but educating students about data privacy will not only enable them to protect themselves in a school setting but also in an increasingly app-driven world at large. If students are empowered to understand the role data plays by being taught about it while in school, they can continue to protect themselves as they navigate future settings in which their data is commoditized.

The School’s Role in Protecting Student Data

Schools not only have need to avoid risk by establishing strict data privacy protocols but also a moral obligation to protect the data of their students. Yes, having access to data across multiple platforms and applications can bring more efficiency and cost savings to the school. But, without proper security in place to ensure that information is shared in its most limited capacity and only for the purpose intended, it can be more harmful to students than beneficial for students.

Use School Passport

A school-centric trusted digital engagement hub like School Passport can solve the problem for schools and students by empowering schools to centrally:

  • Govern the exchange of student, staff, and parent PII data with SaaS vendors.
  • Approve and publish apps to a district or school branded on-demand AppStore.
  • Delegate to school staff and teachers the ability to activate apps within their managed groups on-demand.

The School Passport 2.0 API enables ubiquitous access to all apps from within any LMS, SIS, or any pre-existing enterprise portal, while leveraging GG4L ID as anonymized, secure and federated access credentials for all end-users. These features of School Passport are free to any school. Learn more.





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