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CrisisGo Improves School Safety at Goreville Every Day

CrisisGo Improves School Safety at Goreville Every Day
Goreville Community Unit School District (CUSD) previously experienced safety-related communication issues because they did not have a discreet and efficient way to simultaneously communicate with their staff during an emergency. The school district is also located in a rural area, which made them susceptible to a communication overload if an emergency occurred and the 911 system got tied up. With numerous technology solutions in the market to help school safety initiatives, Goreville CUSD was interested in a platform for improving their communication capabilities, increasing the speed of their safety communication and response times, and sharing critical information with local law enforcement. The district became primarily interested in CrisisGo as a way to provide secure and reliable safety communication that could grant all staff members access to safety communication that would not go down in an emergency due to an influx of calls. Goreville CUSD not only found value in utilizing CrisisGo to improve communication during an emergency and make their staff more prepared for emergencies, the district also found that CrisisGo helped strengthen their daily safety communication. Goreville Community Unit School District Superintendent Dr. Steve Webb stated, “CrisisGo is not just about communication in an event, it’s a communication tool that can help you every single day.” Webb said that he enjoys the ability to use CrisisGo to turn the smartboards in their classrooms into a big panic button for the teachers. He noted that if an event occurs, the teachers are most likely to be by their smartboard. According to Webb, CrisisGo has not only impacted their daily safety communication, it has also helped improve the safety culture of their school. “There’s been a great improvement on staff members joining in the culture and talking about better ways to utilize CrisisGo,” Stated Webb. He added, “You know you’ve changed the culture whenever you have teachers talking about it in the teacher’s lounge and bringing you suggestions because of their conversations. It’s not a top-down school safety mechanism, and CrisisGo goes a long way with that because it allows us to test it and it allows them to respond back to it with things they are seeing and any issues.” Webb also said that CrisisGo has helped them share information with local law enforcement to provide better situational awareness. He stated, “This year we started sharing the perpetrator location so those responding will know exactly where to go. That was a key event because we found some holes in that process that we were able to close by using CrisisGo and having responding Sheriffs know where to attack.” According to Dr. Webb, the district has been using CrisisGo for safety drills to practice their safety protocols and help staff become more familiar using their safety platform for the best possible emergency preparation. He concluded, “We are always looking for a zero response time, and whenever you have immediate notification where it can go out to so many people at once while you’re mobile, that’s a tremendous asset to have in an event.”

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