GG4L Safer Schools Initiative Update

safer schools initiative updateIn November 2018, in partnership with McRel International, Global Grid for Learning announced the launch of our first initiative, the Safer Schools in America Impact Grant.  The grant program provides support to selected schools for the implementation and usage of select EdTech products from leading education providers who are focused on school safety solutions for K-12. These solutions will be implemented and studied for a period of 3 years – at no cost to the school grant recipients.

Since announcing the launch in November 2018, we are pleased to report on the progress of our efforts.

Phase I Complete

Phase I of the initiative is now well underway, and we are pleased to announce that 85 schools in 15 states have been awarded grants. Read the full release here.

Phase II Launch

Additional grants will be awarded to more than 400 US schools in more than 200 school districts during Phase II. Applications for Phase II are available through April 30th. U.S. schools are encouraged to apply soon.

EdTech Vendor Partnerships 

From our initial EdTech partnerships with Amazon AWS, LightSpeed Systems, and Instructure, we have continued to grow our EdTech network. Our partnerships with EdTech vendors continue to grow, with new vendors being added each week. Learn more about our EdTech partners.

Safer Schools Resource Page

For the benefit of all schools, vendors, and corporate partners, we are developing a comprehensive list of Safe Schools Resources. If you know of an organization, publication, or institution that should be included, please let us know.

What’s Next?

Global Grid for Learning is continuing to make edtech easier to deploy, more effective for teachers and students, and more affordable for districts and vendors. Our next initiative, the Future-Proofing Learning with STEAM Credentials, available to member schools worldwide, will be announced later in 2019.

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T|H|E Journal Highlights Safer Schools in America Grant

The education technology publication T|H|E Journal reported on the Safer Schools in America Impact Grant to disburse $25 million worth of safety solutions to as many as 500 schools, and then study the effectiveness of the technologies deployed. The participating vendors focus on a wide variety of safety-related issues, from emotional well-being to managing sports injuries to keeping in touch with parents. “Parents, students, teachers and administrators expect schools to be safe, secure, and supportive for teaching and learning, but little research has been done to date to measure the effectiveness of the solutions that we purchase to address safety and well-being,” said Sandra Elliott, chief academic officer at Global Grid, in a statement.

Read the full article.

Most School Districts Lack Necessary Interoperability

In a recent article in Education Week, interoperability in schools was found to be severely lacking, even in those districts on the leading edge of EdTech. Interoperability, the “seamless exchange of information between different systems and devices [t]hat can include class rosters, student performance information, digital content, and more” is necessary in order to efficiently use data while also ensuring security, but there is a long way to go. Top EdTech leaders site a lack of agreed-upon technical standards as part of the problem.

Read the full article.

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