Career Readiness with Coursera

Career Readiness with Coursera

The number of skilled technical jobs that need to be filled are rising quickly, and there are simply not enough well-trained people in the labor pool to fill the open positions. It is incumbent upon schools to prepare students by providing career readiness skills so that graduates enter the job market with the skills needed for the future of work.

U.S. Tech Proficiency Is Low Compared to Europe and Asia

The truth is, America is falling behind when it comes to being competitive in the tech sector. According to Coursera’s Global Skills Report 2022, “The U.S. remained flat in overall skills proficiency at 29th, trailing countries in Asia & Europe. Business skills proficiency rose in the U.S., with key areas like leadership and management increasing from 40% in 2021 to 67% in 2022. However, technology skills proficiency overall dropped significantly from 69% in 2021 to 43% this year. Proficiency in data science also fell sharply from 73% last year to 54% in 2022.”

How K-12 Schools Can Help Improve U.S. Tech Competitiveness

By providing access to training for the skills and proficiencies needed in the job market to students in K-12, we can begin to change the numbers reflected in the Global Skills Report. As shocking as it is that the U.S. doesn’t rank higher, we have the opportunity to build career readiness into students by helping them develop skills that are in the highest demand. Providing this educational opportunity to students ensures they are ready for the future of work.

How Coursera Helps with Career Readiness

GG4L has partnered with Coursera, a leading online learning provider, to give high school students unique opportunities to gain leading industry credentials in high-demand technical skills, preparing them for entry-level IT jobs. The program provides industry-recognized credentials to prepare students to compete for and succeed at the jobs needed in today’s economy. The credentials offered through the Coursera Academies are endorsed by major IT Vendors and top universities, providing strong employer acceptance.

CTE with GG4L-Coursera

CTE programs with GG4L-Coursera offer students industry-recognized credentials for in demand IT positions. The GG4L – Coursera program prepares students to gain entry level positions in IT. The program supports CTE departments by:

  • Offering industry recognized credentials
  • Range of credential skill levels and courses appropriate for entry level students
  • Providing a range of certificates in many in-demand IT fields in a one stop shop

Career Readiness Initiative

As a Public Benefit Corporation, GG4L is committed to achieving certain initiatives designed to improve education and economic stability. Our Career Readiness initiative promotes learning environments for students. Coursera’s mission aligns with the initiative to better prepare students for the future.

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