Back to School Tips from GG4L

Back to School Tips from GG4L

The calendars flip to August and suddenly, there is a flurry of activity at every school. While students might be squeezing in their last lazy days of summer, teachers, counselors, school administrators, and IT leaders are busy preparing for students to return. In some areas in the south, that’s as soon as the first week of August!

Back to School Tips for Teachers

The most important thing teachers can do to prepare for the beginning of the school year is to recognize that no matter how carefully a schedule is planned, there will be disruptions. Hopefully, we won’t have some of the major disruptions of years past, but the more flexible educators can be with how those first few weeks roll out, the better it will be for their stress levels.

Back to School Tips for Counselors

This is the time of year when counselors will be fielding requests for schedule changes, registering new students in the district, and ensuring classroom assignments and schedules are ready for the first day. Be sure to take a moment to breathe! Be sure to establish boundaries about class schedule changes and communicate with teachers and IT leaders about new students as well as students who may have special needs or require certain accommodations.

Back to School Tips for Administrators

Administrators carry the weight of the world on their shoulders at the beginning of every school year. But you can make it easier for yourself by addressing some core needs, such as student data privacy, cybersecurity, and communication.

Back to School Tips for IT Leaders

What would schools do without you? From setting up new devices for incoming students to ensuring the edtech solutions required for the district’s curriculum are in place to dealing with network issues for new and existing staff, your hands are full. GG4L is here to help you do the heavy lifting. So as you’re finalizing your decisions for edtech and thinking about ways to protect student data privacy, know that we’re here to make your job just a little easier.

Global Grid for Learning Is Here to Help You Get Back to School in a More Secure Learning Environment

GG4L works with more than 20,000 schools reaching more than nine million students. All schools are eligible for free membership, and as part of their membership, they gain access to GG4L’s iPaaS School Passport 2.0®, which allows the schools to securely share data with edtech vendors and connect to their edtech applications for free. Whatever you need to get back to school safely and efficiently, we’re here to help.

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