Attendance Solutions for Virtual and Hybrid Classroom Environments

Attendance Solutions for Virtual and Hybrid Classroom Environments

Since the pandemic, the ability to effectively track student attendance and engagement in virtual and hybrid classroom settings has been a challenge. While you can compel a student to log in or show up for a Zoom session, how do you really measure how much time they’re spending on their pursuit of education when they’re not sitting right in front of you in the classroom? GG4L’s School Passport Engagement provides attendance solutions for virtual and hybrid classrooms.



GG4L’s School Passport Engagement module provides attendance solutions that help achieve the transparency educators and administrators need when their students are using technology – in and out of the classroom – to learn. It is a completely secure way to manage attendance in virtual and hybrid classrooms because it is simply a Chrome extension that can be used to measure and monitor the student’s activity online – how much they read, what level of reading they’re doing, and what subjects are covered in the reading.


Student Benefits

Engagement doesn’t just benefit the teachers and district. It’s a great way for students to deliver proof of the effort they are spending learning that might not otherwise be visible or trackable. The time a student spends researching and reading can now be curated as part of their education, making independent learning a more measurable part of their overall learning. In a virtual or hybrid environment, this can be essential for ensuring the student remains interested and engaged in their own education.


Measure More than Just Sign-On

Because Engagement allows the school to track the activity of the student, it can help provide proof of attendance by demonstrating the activity of the student outside of the classroom. Rather than just measure clicks and sign-ons, using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Engagement categorizes reading and learning into 60 subject areas and awards students for achievement in each subject. Engagement’s proprietary software system detects the difference between a student who simply leaves a webpage open and walks away and a student who is actually engaged in the reading. Teachers and administrators gain access to online usage and engagement metrics with robust reporting broken down by time spent online, reading level, websites accessed, and more.


Student Data Privacy Is Prioritized

Engagement is a Chrome plugin available through School Passport. It can be turned off. It is both COPPA and FERPA compliant, and students have control over what information they choose to share on their profile. School Passport, including the pre-integrated Engagement extension, is available to schools globally. The Engagement teacher and admin reporting tool is an add-on and is available under an optional annual license agreement. Learn more.

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