aGoodCause ~ Free Fundraising for Schools

aGoodCause ~ Free Fundraising for Schools

CASE STUDY – A Good Cause

One of the biggest challenges that schools face when sourcing solutions for school safety, educational technology, and future-proofing their infrastructure is funding. Schools are working with limited budgets that seem to get tighter every year.  That’s why we are so pleased that A Good Cause Global, LLC has chosen to partner with Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) to offer their premier fundraising services for FREE to districts and schools associated with GG4L. All that is required to have access to their premier fundraising services is GG4L membership, which is always free for K-12 schools. Join as a member here.

Read their case study featured here to learn more about how A Good Cause Global, LLC can help your school secure the necessary funding for your school’s needs.

Our services have been uniquely designed with schools, administrators, teachers, coaches, parents, and communities in mind; href=”” target=”_blank”>aGoodCause  offers the ultimate fundraising experience.

Problems with Traditional Fundraising Forums: 

There are several problems with the “old school” (pun intended) fundraising forums; like, the enormous headache of dealing with all the caveats of selling something nobody really wants; the difficulty trying to involve loved ones who don’t live nearby; and, the tragedy of knowing after all the hard work that you’ll only receive an average of 50% of the total profits. This boils down to two main problems….

  1. Educators have full schedules and don’t want to sacrifice any unnecessary time on fundraising.
  2. Parents and friends don’t want to buy wasteful items (like candy bars, pizza, or discount cards) that only offer the students, school, or program a 50%-70% profit.

Resolution with aGoodCause; a free and secure fundraising platform:

As an administrator, teacher, and/or coach you do not want to sacrifice any more of your time dealing with fundraisers. There are countless issues with traditional fundraising; like, worrying about messy inventory, order forms, collecting money, paying for inventory, and then only receiving 50% of the total amount earned.

There’s a better way! This incredible company,, offers a way for you to get rid of the headaches and frustrations that come from inventory fundraisers. By utilizing our free, easy to use, and secure online fundraising platform, within only a few short days, you can earn all the funds needed for your cause.

If requested, aGoodCause will provide a convenient way to quickly track the success of each participant with a state-of-the-art dashboard. Never worry about students handling any money again, because it will be deposited directly to an approved account on a daily basis. Enjoy earning the highest payout in the industry (over 90%). Finally, the team of experts at aGoodCause are willing to help create and manage your cause, beginning to end.

Parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors no longer want to support fundraisers of chocolate bars, popcorn, discount cards, or any other unwanted products.  They only wish to support their favorite student by contributing to them and their cause. Parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors, from nearly anywhere on the planet, can utilize this ultimate user-friendly online fundraising platform (conveniently accessible on a computer, mobile device, or tablet) to contribute, within seconds, to their favorite student.

Powerful Experience of One Coach

Please read the below example that walks through an entire experience of one coach using aGoodCause and you’ll quickly learn why it is the premiere choice when it comes to fundraising for schools….

The high school soccer team was invited to a distinguished soccer tournament. The coach knew this would be a great opportunity for his team, but figured it would cost each player $250. This coach, like many others, really despised the idea of selling candy, cookies, pizza, or discount cards. He had attempted inventory-based fundraisers in the past and did not want to deal with the headache of order forms, players handling (losing) money, receiving and distributing the inventory, and then only getting a messily 50% of the profits. So, instead he enthusiastically selected to use to help his team with their fundraising needs.

He had 40 players and each player needed $250 to play in the tournament, for a total of $10,000. Gratefully, the website was really easy to use and the entire process only took him about 10 minutes to set up. The coach was given a unique campaign ID, which he helped create ( The coach provided the players with this simple link and asked them to email it to 20 contacts and to post it to their and/or their parents social media accounts (like Facebook). The coach even gave the players pre-made templates for the emails and social media posts that aGoodCause provided free of charge.

The campaign on provided the coach and anyone participating with a dashboard that displayed a progress bar highlighting each player’s ongoing results.

Within only three days each member of the team was able to successfully earn $250 or more, with enough left over for the coach to buy the team some much needed soccer balls and equipment. The total amount raised was $12,500; total fees for payment processing was only $1,000 (8%); and the team/school/players were left with $11,500 (92%).

Contributions came in from the local community, and from family and friends all around the country. The total fundraising time was only 4 days from the time the coach created it until all money was donated.  The school was paid automatically and received $11,500 in less than a week.

The best part about this story (due to a suggestion from aGoodCause), is that each player offered to help do extra chores for those that donated and together they completed over 80 hours of service. Plus, the coach decided to have the team pay-it-forward by spending an hour at the local veterans nursing center. The coach couldn’t get the players to agree to sing, lol. However, they made personalized “Thank you” cards, performed soccer tricks, and visited with the veterans. After this experience, the coach stated, “This truly was aGoodCause that our team will long remember.”

Again, this awesome fundraising platform is completely free, secure, and tenders the highest payout in the industry.

To find out more, request a free demo, or chat with one of our experts please click here.

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