Secure SIS Roster Data Exchange

GG4L Connect is consent-based requiring the school Data Administrator to be 100% in control of inviting or approving a Vendor to access a subset or all of the school’s stored SIS data.

Cloud-Hosted Infrastructure

GG4L Connect is hosted in Amazon AWS Cloud Infrastructure and its data is encrypted (256-bit) at rest, and has been audited and tested against penetration attacks and vulnerabilities.

Open Standards-Based API


GG4L Connect leverages and supports open API standards for data interoperability, including both IMS OneRoster and A4L xPress Roster.

Expandable Data Model

GG4L Connect embraces ed-fi’s expanded education enterprise data model to allow it to support data interoperability beyond SIS Roster Data, including Guardian Contacts, Attendance, Grades, Assessments, Behavior, Medical, etc.

Unlimited # of Schools Worldwide

GG4L Connect is a global infrastructure with the ability to on-board any school’s data from any location in the World. We offer our EdTech Vendors the option to invite an unlimited number of their school customers to join GG4L for free.

Private-Label Edge Gateway

For a modest annual support fee, GG4L offers districts and EdTech Vendors a privately-labeled and customized GG4L Connect Edge Gateway to be set-up as a distributed instance.

Supported Standards