GG4L® Compass

The GG4L® Compass product combines Managed Access and Data Analytics into a single platform that tracks the use of digital content and resources through the Passport Managed Access component.  It then reports both student outcomes and the efficacy of the use of digital resources, by correlating content to resource usage using the Data Analytics Dashboard.

GG4L® Compass Grant

The Global Grid for Learning  Compass Grant provides a five year software license and operational support solution for schools and school districts.  The GG4L® Compass Grant is aimed toward two principal mission objectives:

  • Making the use of digital content and resources in the classroom more effective by improving access to these solutions through the GG4L Compass Passport managed access component.
  • Providing teachers and administrators with a broad cross section of student achievement, focusing on the mastery of standards or objectives within core curriculum content areas, through the use of the GG4L Compass Dashboard analytics component.