US District GG4L Member Applicants for the Safer schools in America impact grant, please read below for important grant information, or start the application process now by clicking Safer Schools Grant Application.

The Safer Schools in America Impact Initiative, led by Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) and McREL, a Regional Educational Laboratory (REL), is an initiative developed by a national panel of experts to facilitate a positive school climate and incorporate conditions related to engagement, environment, and safety, with considerations for emotional and physical safety, anti-bullying, anti-substance abuse, emergency readiness, school building design, human variables as well as threats resulting from technology vulnerabilities.

The total grant value is estimated at $25 million; GG4L Member US districts may nominate up to three schools each to qualify for grants that fund between 2 and 5 pre-integrated innovative safety EdTech solutions from over 25 global providers to be deployed and measured at no cost to the schools for a minimum of three-year program term. The program will accept up to 250 school districts in the United States. Any US school or school district could be a GG4L member at no cost and apply for the Grant Application.  85 US schools have been  selected for the initial phase of the Grant, which was closed  on January 30, 2019; however, 415 additional schools will be selected for Phase 2,  which will close on May 31, 2019.

Districts are encouraged to take approximately 10 minutes and apply now. Notification is anticipated to occur late May with implementation for the start of the 2019-20 school year.

GG4L & McREL have adopted the national Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) framework from Title IV- Part A and will jointly operate this initiative. The SSAE program, as part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), stresses that all students should feel safe and supported as a condition for learning. Evidence-informed decision making is essential for those charged with school safety and student wellness. In line with ESSA requirements, the Safer Schools in America impact initiative will use independent measures of efficacy under an institutional quality research framework to establish best practices that can be shared nationally. The data will be aggregated, anonymized and analyzed by McREL and GG4L and provided in quarterly and annual reports to all stakeholders. Commercial sponsors will be limited to a 5% participation in this initiative.

Protecting children with safer school environments requires an expansive range of activities that are supported by all stakeholders, and which can now be implemented and comprehensively measured through new EdTech solutions, creating a secure grid in and around schools’ academic, social, and physical environments.

Program Partners

FilterED is a cloud-based, adaptable data analysis tool that allows districts to diagnose and identify the current state of technology, teaching and learning within their organization. The tool assesses the foundational components of six critical elements that impact technology adoptions and implementations through an adaptive inventory process.

Based on inventory results, districts are presented with a series of calls to action and discussion prompts to take this to the next level of improving success and growing your maturity in the key areas. Districts then use this tool as an indicator of success by running the process subsequent times to monitor and demonstrate growth (or lack of) in each area.

Get the evidence, data, and context needed to prioritize, implement, measure, and monitor ongoing technology initiatives with FilterED’s unique inventory.

FilterED was developed by the experienced EdTech leaders and administrators at GreyED Solutions.

Visit FilterEd by GreyEd Solutions to learn more

McREL International is a nonprofit research and development organization that since 1966 has turned knowledge about what works in education into practical, effective guidance and training for teachers and education leaders across the U.S. and around the world. Using a collaborative approach and research-based insights, McREL provides schools, districts, and other education organizations with high-quality research and evaluation, professional development and coaching, strategic planning, and assistance with improvement and innovation projects. To learn more, visit

NINJIO is an I.T. Cyber Security Awareness Solution that produces 3-4 min-long micro-learning animated episodes based on or inspired by real life companies who have suffered a significant breach. These episodes are created and distributed every 30 days to educate employees about the dangers that exist in cyber security. This frequency of learning gradually changes users' behavior.

Creating engaging story-based content on a frequent basis keeps cyber security awareness “Top of Mind.” Being Top of Mind leads to greater retention. Retention changes behavior such that when a user is faced with a threat, they remember how to react. The outcome for your school- FEWER BREACHES.


  • Animated episodes that teach and reinforce how to practice safe computing.
  • Each episode features a micro-learning format of 3-4 minutes in length.
  • Each episode features, or is inspired by, a real company who has had a significant breach. Almost every company we feature has made headlines in the news.
  • A new episode is released every 30 days and focuses on current and prolific threats.
  • Each episode focuses on a single attack vector, so the viewer isn’t confused with too many technical terms.
  • Each episode is written by a true Hollywood writer, Bill Haynes, WGA, who has a combined 71 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and CSI:NY that he has either written or produced (or both).
  • Each episode features Hollywood voice actors, some of whom might be famous and well recognized.
  • Each episode gets its own blog post so that after your users have completed it, they can read deeper into the breach that was focused on.
  • Each episode comes with an “anchoring comic strip” that gets deployed 2 weeks after the episode to reinforce the teachable moment.
  • At the end of every episode, there is a one question, multiple choice, multiple answer quiz
  • Each episode is “gamified” such that users earn points for timely consumption of the content, and a good score on the quiz.


  • Each episode emotionally connects with your user in the first scene keeping them engaged throughout the entirety of the episode.
  • The “Non-Fiction” component brings the story closer to home and helps to eliminate the thought of “This can never happen to me.”
  • We use STORY BASED learning that engages the user and makes the lesson more memorable and effective. As a user faces a threat, they are better able to recall how to react.
  • We DON’T LECTURE your users thus we keep them awake!
  • Briefly touching users every other week is the perfect frequency to keep security top of mind which in turn creates a “Culture of Awareness” within our client’s schools.
  • Our Family Use Rights Program delivered at no cost brings security culture into the home and in turn strengthens culture at work.
Visit NINJIO to learn more.

NUADU is a digital assessment platform, designed to give each learner a unique learner based on their proficiency.NUADU is currently pre-loaded with primary and secondary content fitting local curriculum standards for over 100 countries and can aggregate multiple additional content sources.

NUADU provides a powerful analytics engine that can visualize performance and provide cognitive decision-making insights for large populations using a big data back-end architecture. Visit NUADU to learn more.

VEDAMO’s vision is Change – to take online education to the next level by making e-learning more efficient, easy and accessible to everyone. VEDAMO is designed to support teaching professionals and organizations to increase their volume while reducing logistics and overheads, to enable working with a wide range of users regardless of their location, and to better manage and diversify their traditional face-to-face training.

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom is an online live teaching platform. It combines multi-peer video-conferencing and collaborative group features - highly interactive whiteboard and documents editor, breakout rooms, screen-sharing and synchronized media players. In the Virtual Classroom teachers have full control over participants actions and interfaces. The platform is simple and intuitive for both kids and non-tech savvy users, and is cloud based so no installation is needed. It's a safe and secure environment.

VEDAMO is designed and used for education. Visit to learn more.

VitalInsight™ is the first cloud-based technology designed to measure the existence and relative strength of over 8,000 best practices in districts and schools. As many as ten different stakeholder groups are invited to engage in an online diagnostic inventory that examines their experiences, knowledge, and aspirations related to practice in five Sectors of performance: School Safety and Security, Parent and Stakeholder Engagement, Data and Metrics, Adult and Student Learning, and Shared Leadership Responsibilities.

The technology requires as little as 20 minutes of stakeholder time and produces a set of Data dashboards that examine practice strengths, vulnerabilities, commitment and capacity to improve, and specific diagnoses of vulnerable practice tied to a selection of research-based prescriptions. All data are disaggregated by stakeholder group, school, and eighteen Interactive Performance Systems.

VitalInsight™ (VI) is based on the protocols of clinical medicine, and has proven to significantly impact both adult and student performance outcomes. VI is the first technology to fill the gap in available data between summative assessment of performance and the research-based strategies that improve outcomes. VI has also been shown to unite stakeholders behind an agenda for improvement.

VI was developed by LeadershipEnergies, founded in 2005 by experienced educational leaders. Visit to learn more.

The following organizations provide EdTech solutions in support of the Safer schools in America impact grant:

Category: Digital
Subcategory: Online Safety PD for students

2Simple Software has been serving teachers and children with their powerful, educational software for 20 years. Starting out with the infant video toolkit, since 1999 the company has experience huge growth and now exports to over 70 countries around the world with 1.8M children logging in to complete work on their systems every year.

Online safety has been a growing concern as children are expected, more and more, to use technology as an essential part of life. 2Simple has adapted with the changing expectations on children and their teachers by creating a huge variety of resources within the award-winning program Purple Mash. This whole-school software is easily searchable by grade, topic or subject and contains thousands of games, activities, apps, programs and stimulus to fully embed digital learning across your school and teach virtually every area of the curriculum.

Within Purple Mash, there is a huge variety of activities children can do to learn about Online Safety, along with a wealth of support and guidance for teachers. Launching in 2019 is a comprehensive guide for parents to ensure they’re supporting the valuable online safety teaching in schools.

2Simple are committed to providing outstanding resources for teacher’s, children and their parents.

Category: Emotional & Behavioral Health
Subcategory: Mentoring/School Counseling

Academic Window, LLC is the gold standard in web-based, student-centered programming that provides a preventive form of counseling with consistent, data-driven follow-up. Its content design and technological platform permits confidential collaboration among students, counselors, and teachers with the goal of improving a students’ personal growth and academic performance. We have integrated the SWOT model to help students become more self-aware, and to learn how they are perceived by their peers and teachers. Because of the preventive model applied by Academic Window, addictions, bullying, depression and suicide rates are dropping with the more than 36,000 members currently using our program platform.

Academic Window’s home office is based out of Manchester, NH. Effective preventive counseling is a proven platform, where school counselors, teachers, students and parents find the tools they need to see results in school counseling. Data-driven counseling drives applied therapies to improve self-efficacy and increase student motivation. Students will thrive socially, emotionally and academically. The tool uses methodologies that have been continuously developed by academia since 1997.

Category: Emotional & Behavioral Health
Subcategory: SEL Awareness and Intervention/School Climate

Bloomsights is a digital assessment tool for school climate and student well-being. It measures how safe, engaged, connected, and challenged students feel at school by collecting students' perspectives on their experiences of school life. Bloomsights provides school faculty with insights into four key indicators of school climate: safety, teaching and learning, relationships, and school environment. Additionally, it identifies outliers among the student population to enable teachers to take action to avoid social isolation, bullying, and other barriers to learning. Use Bloomsights to help you strengthen your relationships with your students and to support your efforts to promote their well-being.

At Bloomsights, we understand that to change school climate you need human insights. In order to build a positive learning environment, you need to deepen personal connections between students, teachers, and parents. Our mission is to bring together student experiences of school life with tools and strategies created by teachers and behavioral specialists to facilitate positive change in school culture.

Category: Digital
Subcategory: Website CMS

Campus Suite provides schools an array of tools to manage all their critical digital communications by keeping parents and the entire school community informed, engaged and safe.

At the heart of Campus Suite is a content and message management platform featuring an easy-to-use dashboard which enables school communicators to use one centralized control center to manage their websites, text and voice notifications, social media and email communications.

For everything from time-critical notifications for emergencies, to routine web content management, Campus Suite equips schools to be responsive using the very digital channels parents and other school community members prefer to use.

The Campus Suite school platform helps schools improve how they communicate by expanding their reach and amplifying their messages with contemporary tools to execute an integrated digital communications strategy. It’s a cloud-based solution with built-in flexibility and expandability, so schools can select and add the just features they want whenever they want.

With customer-first support and a commitment to professional development for school communicators, Campus Suite staffs and manages the Campus Suite Academy for school administrators seeking knowledge, instruction and best practices in web and digital school communications.

Category:Emergency Preparedness and Management
Subcategory:Emergency Notification
Website: CrisisGo

CrisisGo is the premier safety and incident management platform that aligns communication across and within multiple agencies. First responders, safety and security teams, district and school staff, students and community trust this reliable platform to rapidly respond to incidents, notify people based on SOP-defined roles in real time and facilitate recovery faster. CrisisGo helps prevent and prepare for critical situations that can impact anyone, anywhere.

Category: Campus security
Subcategory: Bus Transportation/Dismissal

A user-friendly dashboard that allows the school’s platform admin to easily create and manage school accounts and user privileges while ensuring secured and monitored communication with the ability to generate real-time reports on attendance, teacher-parent interaction, bus routs, and much more. Real-Time School Bus Trips Record - Access current and historical data of all running buses through a central dashboard. You can make transportation-related decisions based on this data, know exactly where each bus is at any time, and support the safety of your student transportation. Safe and Convenient Transportation- You can always ensure the safety and convenience of your students’ pickup and drop-off, keep parents notified, and have real-time monitoring of the buses.

Category: Digital
Subcategory: Campus Security
Website: Eduspire Solutions

E-hallpass (EHP) is a ground-breaking software solution, designed to modernize and simplify today’s antiquated methods of administering hall passes and monitoring student movement during class periods throughout the day. A student creates a cloud-based hall pass request on his or her device, and a teacher can review and approve it in multiple ways. Passes can be created instantly or scheduled in the future (used to schedule main office visits, guidance appointments, makeup tests, etc). Schools can also place pass limits on individual students or by grade level.

EHP digitally enhances both accountability and security: Student time in the halls is continuously logged and monitored. Imagine having real-time hall traffic data at your fingertips and being able to see who’s in the halls in the event of an emergency or hallway incident. An admin can stop all new passes building wide from being approved via a single click and can also prevent pairings of students from being in the hall at the same time (student A from being in the hall when student B is already on a pass). Hall monitors can access a live dashboard to see who is authorized to be in the halls at any point in time and how long they have been out of class, where they are going, etc.

E-hallpass works on any device (Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, mobile phones) and on any operating system (Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome) and students do not need to travel in the halls with their devices.

Category: Digital
Subcategory:Professional Development
Website: Ed Leadership SIMS

ELS Simulations - Meaningful PD That Works: In focusing on School Improvement, "The principal's job (is) both the most important in a school building and the loneliest, and the stress it places on individuals is illustrated by its rapid turnover rates…” (EdWeek). Ed SIMS are engaging and build resilience & decision-making capacity to better prepare administrators for the challenges inherent in running their schools.

The online leadership simulations (SIMS) are browser-based, choose-your-own-adventure applications that provide sitting and aspiring leaders with an opportunity to exercise judgment and practice decision making, experience the consequences of their actions and then to receive feedback on their choices for an opportunity for reflection. The SIMS can be used as part of Professional Development or as a vehicle to develop and sustain a positive school climate amongst staff. Principals can use the SIMS individually, with peers or a coach/mentor. However, they are at their best when the Principal, or other administrator, facilitates the SIMS with their teams and/or teachers so that the participants have the opportunity to expand upon and share their perspectives in a peer-to-peer organic and non-confrontational manner which both enables and models collaborative behavior. The approach is built on the premise that “Experience is the Best Teacher," and the SIMS, in essence, manufacture experience to improve decision making, build resilience, increase the capacity for leadership and most importantly build/sustain a more positive climate in the building via the communication and collaboration in the experience.

Category: Digital
Subcategory: Video Safety

Eduvision, from JDL Horizons, is the trusted school district video portal for hosting and distributing video to enhance engagement, communication, and learning.

Your content, image, and brand are never compromised. Never any ads. Never any questionable content displayed with your videos. Eduvision allows a simple and easy way to live stream your meetings, workshops or opening school day announcements. Our WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance Package enables Schools to be compliant for live streaming and on-demand video with automatic closed captions, accessibility screen reader and more. Eduvision was designed to be useful by being simple and easy to use and also supports Learning Technology Integration for use with your other systems. It also comes with an annual, affordable license that can be sized to fit any school or district budget. To learn more visit

Category: Emotional & Behavioral Health
Subcategory: SEL Intervention
Website: Evolution Labs

Suite360 - Character education and Social Emotional Learning for K-12 Students. Research indicates children with greater social-emotional competence are more likely to be college-ready, have positive relationships and become engaged citizens. Evolution Labs developed our Suite360 program to help schools proactively address student success and wellness while also fostering a positive emotional school climate. Our objective is short and long term SEL gains for all students without burdensome teacher training or complicated implementation procedures for administrators. Suite360: Student is our preK-12 digital character development program and Suite360:Intervention is our restorative justice program for students who need extra support with conduct and behavior. Our Topic Library includes hundreds of lessons, professionally-developed by educators and experts, on critical topics today’s schools face. Evidence-based research is important to the development of Suite360, so every lesson is rooted in at least one of CASEL’s (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning ) Core Competencies. Specifically designed for Gen Z students, Suite360 employs engaging interactive content via desktop, web-responsive and mobile app design; all of which is easily tailored to achieve desired learning outcomes. Check out our new referral program:

Category: Emotional & Behavioral Health
Subcategory:SEL Intervention
Website: Eldventir

Eldventir Adventures SEL is an EdTech and gamified platform which develops Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies for middle-school students to promote emotional and behavioral habits and a healthier school climate.

Eldventir content is based on the cognitive-behavioral approach, where students model, rehearse and practice social-emotional skills through playful and interactive activities. Our innovative solution gives noticeable results on self-awareness, goal- setting, personal organization, relationship skills, and the use of strategies for coping with stress.

Applying Eldventir Adventures SEL program has the following benefits:

For Schools:

  • Drop bullying rates and school suspensions
  • Improved grades and test scores
  • Physical wealth and healthiness
  • Improve school safety
  • Long-term SEL culture
For Counselors/Teachers:
  • Teacher-friendly, hands-on, easy to use
  • Build up a teacher-student bond
  • Measure students’ SEL progress
  • Enhance classroom engagement
  • Supported by training guides
For Students:
  • Positive attitudes about self and others
  • Positive social behaviors in and out of school
  • Ability to regulate emotions
  • Reduce school distress
  • Reduced behavioral problems
Our content is aligned under the CASEL framework of five core competencies.

About the company:

Visionaria Games develops and builds learning programs using interactive, digital tools and other technological components for the K-12 market.

Adopting a gamification process Visionaria creates content using its own registered method, that enhances learning and is capable of measuring the results.

Visionaria has developed its system supported by specialists in education, psychology, and technology to articulate innovative program

Category: Emergency Preparedness and Management
Subcategory: Building Layout for Emergency Management & Security
Website: GEOcommand

GEOcommand is a state-of-the-art geographic information map-based interface which provides emergency responders with near real-time, location-specific situational awareness technologies - to better enhance response times to man-made and natural disasters. GEOcommand provides a simple and intuitive way to view area-wide (CityAware), to specific in-building floor plans and critical assets (SiteAware), as well as other areas of interest within your campus infrastructure. In addition, the technologies provide responding agencies with the ability to rapidly identify and share active threats and hazards (ie., active shooter, fire, hazardous materials) at the scene - before arrival and coordinate resources for better command and control of the event.

The GEOcommand platform will provide a common operating picture of your school for first responders to share critical data with school administrators, resource officers, and local and state fire and police - seamlessly. This common operating picture is viewed on a map. The technology will identify critical assets such as cameras, door access controls, metal detectors, panic buttons, etc., when breached. When an alarm is triggered, the map will automatically display the alarm location and any specific information the alarm is sending. In addition, the technology can interface with both indoor and outdoor shooter detection systems and biometrics (facial recognition) for a proactive response.

GEOcommand technologies give first responders the proven tools to help close the information gaps in critical decision making and create a safer environment for your students and staff.

Category:Physical Campus Security
Subcategory:Emergency Notification
Website: HeroEyez

Click, Save Lives

In any emergency event time and speed of action are critical to achieving the best out come.

HeroEyez is a revolutionary leap forward in the way we protect our kids, teachers and even our first responders. It is a groundbreaking, audio/video emergency conferencing platform that instantly brings classrooms and responders face to face. Everyone is connected within seconds of the click of a button or an alarm triggered by facial identification of a wanted criminal, expelled student or the sound of a gunshot.

For the first time responders can instantly see and be seen, hear and be heard from inside the classroom. Responders can immediately intervene with preventative actions as emergency events are beginning instead of when they have escalated out of control or they are over as is most often the case today.

All of this bidirectional communications can happen before a traditional 911 call can even be answered and long before traditional resources can step foot in a classroom especially a classroom that is not safe or responsible to physically enter.

Knowing that everything that happens on a school campus can be captured and that help from security and first responders is just a click away will reduce bullying, violence even disruptive behavior. It will dramatically change the way people behave and create a safer more relaxed, more creative and healthier emotional and physical environment for our teachers to teach and for our kids to create and learn.

Safety Category: Community Engagement
Subcategory: After school Management and Notification

Keedgo is mobile-friendly software solution developed exclusively for afterschools and youth activities. Keedgo connects afterschool programs with parents for efficient communication, messaging, roster management, sign-in/sign-out, attendance monitoring, and scheduling. The app saves time and improves customer service by eliminating the inefficiencies of emails, phone calls, texting, spreadsheets, and paperwork. Keedgo improves safety in schools by making critical student information readily accessible to staff at all times and establishing a fast channel of communication between staff and parents. Similarly, Keedgo's sign-in/sign-out feature with unique parent pins and digital signatures allows reliable tracking and reporting of kids' activities during the afterschool program.

Category: Campus Security
Subcategory: Visitor Management

KeepnTrack® software empowers administrators by giving them complete control over who has access to their facility through an automatic visitor screening and management process. Not only does this eliminate the liability of unreliable paper records, but it also demonstrates a proactive commitment to safety and accountability to relevant stakeholders, like parents and other members of the community. On top of improving overall school security, KeepnTrack allows administrators to maximize their budget by amplifying the productivity of their staff. The software automates many time-consuming, menial tasks related to visitor, volunteer, and student management, letting your staff focus on more important things. This saves time and valuable resources.

Category: Physical Health & Wellness
Subcategory: Abuse, Physical & Sexual
Website: KidSafe Foundation

KidSafe’s mission is to provide preventive education to children and adults, empowering them with skills that create a safe society free from sexual abuse, bullying, and internet exploitation.

KidSafe is a one-of-a-kind, research-based prevention program that has established “best practices” in the field of child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention. Our program is uniquely designed to provide a multi-tiered service delivery approach reaching children, parents, teachers and child serving agencies. As leaders in this industry, we have been fortunate to be able to partner with many child-serving organizations in our community and across the country who join us in the mission to help stop child sexual abuse. Most of these agencies provide services to address the consequences to children and families who have experienced sexual abuse and to prevent additional incidents of abuse. Others educate on the theory and practice of prevention but do not deliver the services themselves.

School district administrations face huge challenges: providing children with a quality education, ensuring schools are safe, dealing with students’ exposure to social media, childhood trauma and its educational impact, and providing a safe and supportive environment for their staff.

KidSafe for Educators, eLearn Training for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention helps School District give its educators and staff the tools to recognize, respond to, and report abuse.

Staff that receive KidSafe training are better equipped to see red flag behaviors in their students and to know what to do to help.

Educators gain a clear understanding of how to create safe classrooms and safe boundaries, which helps administration ensure a district-wide community of safety.


Category: Physical and Digital Security
Subcategory: Notification

Kornukopia Security, Social Networking, and Learning Ecosystem

Kornukopia provides a set of tools for schools. Schools can select any of the many tools to provide services to their students, teachers, parents and administrators. Kornukopia provides these tools as IOS and Android apps and in an HTML5 browser. For more information about Kornukopia, please see our video on Vimeo

The tools are bundled into 3 categories or apps. They are:

1. Kornukopia’s Campus Security Solution: Identifyed

2. Kornukopia’s Social Networking Solution: Social

3. Kornukopia’s Learning Management System  

Here are the Solutions and their features/modules.


Category: Digital
Subcategory: Digital/ Internet Safety

Lightspeed Systems solutions keep more than 15 million students across 25,000 schools and 35 countries safe. Since 1999, Lightspeed Systems has provided software to help school IT teams keep their technology and 1:1 programs safe, managed, and monitored. Relay by Lightspeed Systems is a complete SAAS platform for filtering, MDM, classroom management, and reporting. Safety Check is a critical component of Relay, monitoring web activity to help schools proactively identify at-risk students to save lives.

Category: Emotional & Behavioral Health
Subcategory: SEL Awareness and Intervention/School Climate
Website: Mightifier

Mightifier is a safe and encouraging school culture program, which includes individual strength-based feedback to all students, early-stage isolation and bullying detection and strength curriculum to fit every classes needs. These tools give a detailed insight to individual students’ situation along with concrete steps for enhancing socio-emotional competencies and growth mindset.

Students’ well-being development over time can be followed on class, school and district levels with indicators like number of friendships, bullying and school enthusiasm.

For teachers’ professional development on SEL there’s also TEAM Mightifier to boost work engagement, motivation and team working skills.

A positive and safe school culture and teacher and student relationship is essential for both learning academic skills and 21st century skills. Mightifier not only drives for immediate impact but also for success in later life.

Mightifier has been co-created with world-renowned Finnish educators and with the happiest children in the world.

Category: Digital
Subcategory: Mobile Device Monitoring
Website: Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian simplifies Mobile Device Management (MDM) with dynamic products that meet the unique needs of our users. We are a customer-centric, SaaS company with customers in North America, the United Kingdom and EMEA regions. Our mission is to simplify mobile device management and our vision is that every device in the hand of every child is protected. We offer two MDM solutions.

Mobile Guardian for Schools helps schools manage and protect their mobile devices in and out of the classroom. Our classroom tools help teachers unlock the power of the digital classroom, keeping students focused and engaged. Our MDM, alongside comprehensive web filtering ensures that students are protected from radical content, inappropriate apps and unsavoury online content.

With Mobile Guardian for Home parents can safeguard their child’s online experience on a mobile device. Using our parental control tool, parents can block inappropriate websites and ensure that their children only interact with age-appropriate that's in-line with their family values.

Our cloud-based platform currently supports Android, Chromebook, iOS and macOS devices. You can learn more about our products here.

Category:Emotional & Behavioral Health
Subcategory:Intervention Compass
Website: Mr. Elmer

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Effective SEL programs provide a foundation for academic success by promoting positive student behavior, nurturing self-regulation skills, and reducing emotional distress. Inclusive school environments and emotionally grounded students make for safer schools.

Mr Elmer’s Intervention Compass harnesses the power of technology to provide individualized SEL screening, support, intervention, and progress monitoring. Based on the needs of children, educators are guided through the development of students’ age appropriate, skill-specific behaviors.

What is Mr. Elmer? A software company created to improve student success. Our digital Support System is called Intervention Compass. From the classroom to the front office to the central office, Intervention Compass guides, prompts, and reports efficacy in real-time, eliminating paperwork and confusing outdated spreadsheets.

We do all the heavy lifting: implementation, integration of your data, building your data walls, training all stakeholders, and supporting PLCs, all while you continue to serve students with no interruptions. Collaboration occurs naturally, allowing educators to focus on the Social-Emotional well-being of all students they serve in a safe and secure environment.

If it is predictable, it’s preventable. By giving students the skill sets to manage their own behavior, we empower educators to enhance academic success and create safer schools and communities.

Category: Community Engagement
Subcategory: Parent Communication

For the past 8 years, ParentSquare has helped schools and districts build student-centric communities. We provide a powerful, intuitive, all-in-one cloud platform that integrates with each School’s SIS (via GG4L) to engage diverse parent populations and improve overall communication and participation goals. With ParentSquare you can:

  1. Engage all parents, despite socioeconomic and language barriers
    • Provide multiple channels of communication so parents with financial struggles can still access information through their phone, without needing a computer or email
    • Translate to 100+ languages to ensure families can keep up-to-date with school messages and directly communicate with staff in their native language
  2. Streamline communication between parents and school staff with an all-in-one & intuitive platform
    • Staff can send alerts, post updates or directly message parents
    • Parents can respond to posts, enabling feedback
    • Teachers can send out permission slips and polls, set up parent-teacher conferences, ask for volunteers and donations, etc
  3. Create safer schools by building a larger, inclusive, tight-knit community with excellent multi-directional communication
    • Parents have their eyes and ears open & can quickly and easily report any suspicious activity, effectively growing your safety network
    • Transparency of the platform puts parents at ease and creates a sense of safety
    • In the case of an emergency, school leaders can send a pre-composed message with a few clicks, alerting all staff & parents in seconds

Category: Campus security
Subcategory: School Dismissal

PikMyKid is a comprehensive school safety system that ensures student safety, increases teacher efficiency & reduces traffic around schools. Main features include- School dismissal automation, Safety Panic Button, and an Anonymous Tip Line. All these features work on desktop and mobile phones. All aspects of student safety & emergency preparedness are brought under one platform.

PikMyKid has a long history of successful partnerships with Public, Charter, and Private schools, as well as various special needs institutions in 32 states and 6 countries with over 50,000 users.

Dismissal automation takes care of daily school dismissal chaos with - Attendance/check-ins, carline sequencing, pickup change management which reduces front office phones calls, absentee reporting, and real time notifications to parents on any dismissal changes.

SAFER panic button is a mobile and web-based alert system. School staff can use the feature from anywhere inside or outside the campus. During an emergency, staff can report and track the location of the incident instantly without creating a panic situation for students or parents.

Anonymous Tip Line integrates with schools to proactively help students, and enables our schools to better understand their safety challenges.

Category:Campus Security
Subcategory:School Dismissal

QManager is the complete school safety and efficiency software that puts school staff in control of the dismissal driveway, child pick-up authorizations and bus route management.

QManager draws a virtual line up of parents in the driveway on an iPad enabling school staff to dismiss children to the correct parent or authorized guardian without expensive equipment such as walkie-talkies and license plate readers. Sign In/Sign Out can be done on iPads or smartphones providing instant attendance and roll call reports.

School staff can manage pick-up authorizations through the web portal increasing security and accountability.

Assign children to the right bus and alert parents when their child has been dropped off at the drop zone for increased safety and peace of mind for parents.

QManager was designed in partnership with school administrators and parents, and has been helping schools across the US for over 7 years.

Category: Physical Health & Wellness
Subcategory: School- based health/athletic programs

Rank One Sport is a web based athletic department software. The system is designed to improve communication, documentation, and organization. Some of the more popular features include our athlete management, scheduling, online forms, coach’s compliance, camp software, athletic websites, and event management. The software can be implemented at either the local school district level or at the state level.

Category: Truancy
Subcategory: Chronic Absenteeism/Dropout Prevention

RaaWee K12 Solutions offers a robust, intuitive, and customizable collaboration platform to counteract chronic absenteeism and truancy in schools. The name of this program is RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS). Absenteeism has long been a key indicator of a child and family in crisis. Chronic absenteeism harbingers social and community issues such as teenage pregnancy, shoplifting and vandalism. It helps the school districts with implementing and tracking their attendance improvement initiatives around Best Practices. Our school district partners begin benefiting from the outcomes of this powerful collaboration system from the very first semester in use.

Category: Campus Security
Subcategory: Student ID cards

ScholarChip is the industry leader for automated, modular, integrated security and operations services for K12 and beyond. We give you the freedom to focus on your school’s most important issues of the day while you gain valuable insight into your student, staff, and visitor populations. We’re the largest seller of K12 Smart ID Cards and their associated school services like attendance, payment processing, cafeteria POS, visitor management, secure door access, and behavior management services. Our priority is school safety and accountability; our goal is to be the standard for integrated school safety and operations systems. ScholarChip was first to market in centralizing and integrating School Safety and Operations Systems with a true one card solution. It is the basis for an advanced and comprehensive security and multi-point attendance platform that is being used in major urban, suburban, and rural school districts across America.

Category: Digital
Subcategory: Website CMS

Discover the #1 School Website Platform based on Google integration. Through our integration points with Google Suite and Office 365, your account information, files, events and more stay hosted within your infrastructure. Enabling you to have the most secure, ADA compliant and easy-to-use website solution available today. Update a document or spreadsheet, click save and watch your website update automatically in an ADA compliant methodology!

Category: Digital
Subcategory: Website CMS


SchoolPointe is a web development and content management company based in Columbus, Ohio that provides stunning, award winning responsive websites to K-12 schools all over the country. At SchoolPointe, we believe that our clients are partners in the process from start to finish. Our customer support team is second to none and all of our staff work tirelessly to make your schools’ creative visions and brand come to life.

In addition to websites, SchoolPointe offers:

Formality: An online forms tool that lets you easily collect the information you need without all the paper.

FacilityPointe: A powerful, yet cost-effective, asset management tool that allows you to manage the smallest to the most critical and complex tasks within your district.

SendIt: A mass communication platform that incorporates voice, text, email and social media to communicate to your district.

Mobile Applications: Each mobile app is developed on both the iOS and Android platforms that displays all of the content on your district’s website as well as providing the ability to push notifications that instantly send urgent updates.

Category: Digital
Subcategory: Video Safety
Website: is the nation's largest K-12 video sharing site. Our mission is to empower students and teachers through the use of video with a safe and fun platform. Endorsed by over a dozen national education associations, has unparalleled access into schools across the country. SchoolTube's network reaches hundreds of thousands of users each day with each of its student videos approved by a verified educator, uploaded by a verified educator, or contributed by a trusted content partner.

Category: Emotional & Behavioral Health
Subcategory: SEL Awareness and Intervention/School Climate
Website: SEL for Prevention

The SEL for Prevention evidence-based programs, meet the needs of all children, ages 5-15, across developmental levels and grades, allowing instructors to provide upstream prevention to the general student population as well as intervention for vulnerable populations. The SEL for Prevention programs teach 8 essential social and emotional learning concepts, skill-sets, and strategies that help children to effectively (and ethically) manage the academic, social, emotional & interpersonal challenges of life.

Category:Emergency Preparedness and Management
Subcategory:Campus Security
Website: Share911

Share911 is the leading collaborative emergency management platform for K-12 schools. Launched in 2013 and in use in thousands of schools nationwide, it’s your hub for preparedness, response, and recovery to happen before, during and after an incident. Share911 starts by serving as the place employees go to review emergency plans, maps, and evacuation routes prior to an emergency happening. When an emergency is happening, Share911 is the fastest way for employees to report danger or request help, instantly sharing their exact location with co-workers, administrators, security and 911. Share911 provides real-time accountability reporting for staff and students during the incident and during the recovery and family reunification process. After-action reporting enables administrators to review what happened and take corrective action for the future.

Category: Campus Security
Subcategory: School Dismissal

Silent Dismissal is the only end of day student management program that allows parents to remotely specify dismissal methods for each student and receive real-time notification during dismissal while providing school staff the ability to scan each student arriving or leaving the school with immediate confirmation that the student is in the proper location. Silent Dismissal provides chain of custody tracking from time of student dismissal call to classroom departure time to building exit or ride load. Collected dismissal metrics are available within Silent Dismissal to provide insight into improving the dismissal process along with the requisite information to measure the success of the process improvements. Silent Dismissal supports all end of school dismissals including parent pick up; ride home with a friend; buses; daycare vans; walk or bike home; and on-site activities such as sports, tutoring, clubs, and extended care. Silent Dismissal has tracked over a million student dismissals at public, private, and charter schools from coast to coast and our original clients continue to use our service more than a decade later.

Silent Dismissal is a Software as a Service (SAAS) product that works with any internet connected device such as a phone, table, Chromebook, or a computer running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. No specific hardware in required; all that is needed is a connection to the internet along with existing devices already at the school. We offer dedicated apps for Android and iOS along with access from a web browser.

Category: Emotional Behavior & Health
Subcategory: SEL Intervention
Website: The Safe Steps

"STEPS" is a program for fundamental learning of the essential qualities (EQ) necessary for high school, college and career success. Combined with education (IQ) each student enjoys a competitive advantage by applying social and emotional skills developed from STEPS lessons.

SELF ESTEEM - Overcomes depression that results in rising teen suicide rates
TIME MGMT. - Reduces anxiety caused by procrastination prevalent with teens
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - Combats stress caused by bullying and conflicts
PROBLEM SOLVING - Analyzes alternatives to overcome daily challenges
SERVICE to OTHERS - Builds the qualities for effective leadership

Category:Emotional & Behavioral Health
Subcategory:SEL Prevention
Website: The Social Express

The Social Express is the most comprehensive Social Emotional Learning & Career Exploration platform with three unique programs, The Social Express, Cool School & Teen Career Path. The Social Express features 81 animated/interactive lessons which follow a curriculum addressing core social and emotional skills needed for success in life. The program is primarily used in special education with students who require direct support and secondary in general ed classrooms as a group lesson for character education. Cool School is an animated/interactive curriculum for elementary schools. Used as a classroom lesson, the program specifically addresses relevant topics around bullying and what to do as a bystander or a victim. A unique feature is an incident reporting tool which allows students to report bullying anonymously to their teacher. Schools now have a way to capture important data and manage situations timely and effectively. Both programs have been aligned with CASEL’s core competencies.

Teen Career Path is the first of its kind animated/interactive Career Exploration video simulation funded by The National Science Foundation. Using a gamified experience to explore a day in the life of over 20 careers allows this product to be a great resource for middle and high schools and for direct instruction for students with IEP’s who are in transition. Utilizing the framework of UDL (Universal Design of Learning) all three programs have the unique ability to work with the entire school population from Tier 1 to Tier 3 students. All three programs are highly engaging for students and simple to use for teachers. From Kindergarten to High School The Social Express is your one-stop shop.

Category: Digital
Subcategory: Data Security & Privacy

ThreatLocker® puts your School ahead in the fight against malware and exploits by combining Application Whitelisting and RingFencing together into our Application Control. The solution is fast to deploy and has a low total cost of ownership solution.

ThreatLocker® provides an application control solution that allows you to choose what executables and libraries are running. Unlike antivirus software which only blocks known threats, ThreatLocker® changes the paradigm to only allowing authorized applications, while giving you a complete insight of everything that runs.

Category: Emerg. Prep & Mngt
Subcategory: Alert Notifications
Website: Vypin

At Vypin, we believe the right technology is the best way to improve safety and security at work and home. Using Vypin’s patented technologies, we’ve taken on the task of providing a solution to one of the most immediate problems on the minds of people all over the world: school safety.

SilentSOS by Vypin: Silent-Alert Safety System was designed out of the need for an answer. SilentSOS uses ID badges with built-in alert buttons to allow any faculty member, security personnel, or administrator to indicate an emergency anywhere on a campus. The alert, when initiated, provides the name and location of who needs help so that the designated Response Team can quickly respond and assess the situation. SilentSOS by Vypin provides peace of mind to teachers and makes every building and campus a safer place for everyone.

Category: Physical Health & Wellness
Subcategory: Health Information
Website: ZippSlip

Designed from the outset to work on smartphones and tablets, ZippSlip allows schools to send out all their parental forms digitally, and parents can respond using any device, safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to keep supplying the same information over and over again. Schools can save time and money by reducing data input and significantly reducing paperwork, printing and mailing costs. ZippSlip helps improve the accuracy of school records and enhances reporting ability for internal and external purposes.