Future-Proof Skills

“Future-Proof Skills” is a new strategic impact initiative centered around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and business education along with career readiness, validation and inventory for schools worldwide.

GG4L’s Future-Proof Skills Impact initiative will focus on purposefully attracting a unique ecosystem of innovative EdTech vendors, content publishers, corporate sponsors, education foundations, and research organizations, all focusing on STEAM and Business Skills, pathways to higher education and specialized careers, and solving the anticipated future shortage in various skill sets required by hundreds of career choices, many of which are yet to be identified.

Similar to the Safer Schools Impact initiative, Future Proof Skills aims to create a validated framework for a continuous improvement process that needs to be adopted by schools worldwide. Future-Proof Skills will insure that schools are preparing a future workforce that is ready to tackle new and emerging opportunities in various new fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics, and Cybersecurity.

GG4L’s core technology supporting this impact initiative is composed of an integration platform, called GG4L Connect, used by thousands of schools across the world, and a data analytics and visualization tool called GG4L Compass, that is being tested in various US school districts and is expected to be officially released and announced in a few weeks.


Future-Proof Skills

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