GG4L School Membership (100% Free)

Make the GG4L Pledge, join for free and enjoy all of the benefits!

Schools and districts, anywhere in the world, are invited to join GG4L for free for life. We do not charge schools and districts for any of our core platform services. Once a member, the school starts to enjoy the following FREE GG4L membership benefits:

  • Consent-Based SIS (Roster & Guardian) Data Exchange to On-Board EdTech Solutions
  • An Ever-Expanding Catalogue of EdTech Applications and Tools
  • Corporate Sponsorships that Subsidize the Costs of Impactful EdTech Solutions
  • Promotional Offerings (Free Trials & Discounts) from EdTech Vendors
  • Data-Driven Reporting to Measure Progress on Strategic Impact Initiatives
  • Actual Usage Statistics and Unique KPI’s to Measure Solution Effectiveness

GG4L School Pledge Highlights

  • Provide digital learning environments for teachers, students, and communities;
  • Create safer and healthier learning environments;
  • Educate our communities about data privacy; and
  • Advocate for free and secure data interoperability


Member Districts